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Polotno Privacy Policy

As a user of the web-application where polotno sdk is used.

This section is applied when you are using polotno on YOUR website.

TL;DR: Polotno framework doesn't use cookies, doesn't send any personal information, doesn't track your visitors and doesn't send any information from non-polotno components of the web-page.

polotno SDK (javascript framework) is doing several network requests to in order to validate license key and provide rich experience for your users.

polotno is using page URL for key validation request. Only host and pathname are used. GET parameters and hash are removed. polotno is using this request for very limited analytics about key usage and rate limits.

For other requests like "templates library" or "stock photos" requests, polotno is using only minimal arguments such as search query and key information.

Note: At any point of time you can open Developer Tools and inspect what polotno is sending.

As a user of Polotno Cabinet.

This section is applied when you logging on

I use a select number of trusted external service providers for certain service offerings. These service providers are carefully selected and meet high data protection, data privacy and security standards.

The authorization process is handled by Auth0. You can read Auth0 Privacy policy for more details.

The payment process is handled by Paddle. If you choose to upgrade to a Polotno paid plan, the billing information and the payment process is handled by Paddle. See the Paddle Privacy Policy for full details.

All emails are sent using Mailchimp. See the Mailchimp Privacy Policy for full details.

Drop an email to if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.